How much does it cost to move a piano?

Each move is unique, and so is each piano. Properly pricing a piano move requires a lot of information.

These questions are just a few we'll need to answer:

  1. How far will the piano be moving? Is it just moving from one room to another, or is it moving between states?
  2. Are there any turns or low overhangs at either location?
  3. How many steps or stairs are at each location? Are there any landings?
  4. How large is the piano? Grand pianos require more disassembly and reassembly. Uprights should be measured from the floor to the top, and grands should be measured along the bottom from the front of the keyboard, to the tip of the tail.
  5. How easily can a trailer be backed up to the door at both the origin and destination?

No matter what the answer, we'll move your piano carefully, delicately, and at as low a price as possible!

Contact us and we can provide you with a quote.

Will my piano need to be tuned after it's moved?

If you're moving a piano from one room to another, you might not need to tune it, but if you're moving it any further (even to a different floor), you will probably need to tune it within two to four weeks.

Moving a piano will not, on its own, alter the tuning. However, the difference in humidity and climate between locations almost certainly will.

If the piano is stored for any length of time, this will drive it further out of tune, since it will introduce additional and longer-term changes in climate.

However, a professional piano move assures the piano is kept away from moisture and extreme heat, both of which could not merely drive the piano out of tune, but could damage the structure of the instrument.

Can't I just use regular movers?

Pianos are delicate instruments, and many a household mover has dropped a piano due to inexperience. Technicians, even here in Maine, routinely clean up the aftermath of failed piano moves. Additionally, even if a household mover successfully moves your piano, they may disassemble pieces and not know how to reassemble them. Local technicians routinely have to be called in (at much higher rates) to reattach pedals and fix mechanical problems introduced during a move.

All piano movers are insured, right?

No. But we are! Pianos can be immensely heavy. Even small uprights can weigh 400 to 500 pounds, and the largest grand pianos can weigh 1200 pounds. Most of this mass comes from the immense cast-iron plates inside the instruments.

If movers lose control of a piano, it's not just the piano that can be destroyed. Buildings can be damaged and people severely injured.

With decades of experience, we minimize risk and protect the instrument, but we do carry insurance. You should settle for nothing less.